Collection Guide

Although we prefer to have field technicians obtain all samples, there are times when this just isn't possible. To ensure that proper collection procedures are met, please download the Sample Collection Guide or read the collection guide instructions below. These procedures will help prevent samples from being contaminated during collection. Contact our staff with any questions regarding this process.

In the event that our techs are unable to take samples, please follow these instructions.
Speak to PCL and schedule your sampling and order the correct bottles for your testing requirements.
Keep all sampling bottles sealed until sample is ready to be taken.
Do not add or remove any items from the sampling bottles or rinse them prior to taking the sample. Some containers come with preservatives to stabilize your sample turning transportation
Call PCL just prior to your sampling so we can ensure holding times are met.
Fill every container following these instructions:
Choose a sampling point that is assessable and after any treatment or filters.
Mark each bottle with a specific location and time and record the information on the Chain of Custody.
Remove any hose, attachments, aerators, etc from the sampling point and wipe spigot or faucet with a disinfecting wipe or towel.
Run tap for at least 10 minutes or until the temperature of the water is constant. This will ensure a quality water sample.
Different bottles are specific for different analytical testing. Please make sure you fill all of the bottles provided for each sampling point. This is to ensure enough sample is collected and extra samples are given to the lab for quality control.
DO NOT touch the inside of the caps or bottles at any time.
Completely fill out the Chain of Custody identifying each sample taken and required testing for each bottle.
Package all of the bottles in the provided ice chest.
If no ice chest has been provided please keep sample(s) refrigerated till our field tech’s arrive to pick up the sample(s)
When packing sample(s) in an ice chest make sure they are protected from breakage.
Add sufficient ice or ice packs to keep samples at or below 6 degrees C (do not freeze).
Enclose Chain of Custody in a “Zip-Lock” type bag and tape to inside of top lid.
Ship to PCL per pre-arranged agreement or wait for our drivers to pick up the sample(s).